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After almost 20 years of existence of the company LUTEUS, which marketed the LoriotPro software internationally, the management decided to take a well-deserved retirement and to dissolve the company. All of the activities of the LUTEUS company have ceased and the company is administratively ceased to operate. It can no longer make new sales of operating licenses or new service contracts.
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LUTEUS SARL provides Information System supervision solutions to ensure high-availability and performance, user friendly and simplified management of complex systems and networks. The company's singular focus is creating and implementing fast, reliable and easy-to-use solutions to meet customers' requirements in the domains of fault management, configuration management, accounting management, performance management and security management.

Our mission is:

  • to help network and system administrators in their daily tasks to guarantee information availability and access performance to end users,
  • to create powerful and user-friendly software aiming to reduce hands-on time,
  • to give autonomy to administrator and to provide visual information that is both summarized and detailed,
  • to provide modular products and give the customer the freedom of choice regarding their real needs,
  • to guaranty affordable prices allowing them to deploy this solution on a single site or on multiple sites,
  • to provide products targeting precised needs at optimized prices.

Our History

The founder of LUTEUS has been working for more than fifteen years in a Network and Systems environment. His daily job supporting administrators to manage their Information systems helped him to create the first version of LoriotPro. The first version, called Loriot, has been available free on the web since 1999 and has been downloaded more than 80000 times. The increasing demand of users for new functionality created a continuing need for new development that has justified the creation of the company LUTEUS.

LUTEUS' office is located near Paris in France.