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Deliver added value to your customers

We are willing to work with you in making business a mutually beneficial effort, and so we invite you to become a Value Added Reseller (VAR) of LoriotPro in your country!

This program enables you to offer our System and Network Management Solution LoriotPro to your customers, and is designed for Integrators, Technical Consulting Companies and Solution Providers for small to large sized enterprises. Any company that provide service in this domain, grant the right to be our VAR.

Our software product is one of the less expensive products among all the Network Management Solutions on the market. This price allows small and medium companies to get a management solution without spending their entire budget in products, and to keep funds to pay your value added service. A low price allows large companies to deploy a distributed management architecture by installing a LoriotPro on each site.

The program works as follows:

Software licenses

VAR have access to extended evaluation software license to effectively demonstrate the LoriotPro solution advantages. You act as a technology value-added reseller in the business of creating and adding value to software products, while re-marketing these products/services to your end-users (customers).
No source code will be provided (except for Plugin development examples). Your customer is the licensee and has to comply with the "as is" licensing conditions.

Technical Support

Partners must provide 1st line support and help the customer to install and configure the product. Partner is committed to assist the customer on any needs regarding our product.

LUTEUS is committed to providing high-quality software, service and support. Access to information and bug fixes is available 24-hours-a-day from our online support Web site. We will work with you to provide answers to your customers’ questions and concerns. Your inquiries are our priority (no support will be given directly to your customers or any third parties).

Sales Support

We offer lead referral through promotional activities such as advertisements, Web server News, search engine referral and direct mailings. We have numerous download for our LoriotPro product and thus have a worldwide prospect database. You will receive qualified leads based on territory and customers preferences. This referral process is an excellent way to assist you in reaching only the best, decision-ready customers.

Our home page on the World Wide Web gives immediate access to anyone who wants current information about our products, sample applications, demonstration programs, technical documentation, applications notes, and product information. web site is designed specifically to assist your sales and support of LoriotPro software. Sections of the Web site guide end-users to your service offer and link back your Web site.

If our product does not fit your customer need, we could evaluate the cost of specific developments.

Training is available for our VAR and their customers.


What is common in our domain is to set a bogus list price and then give everyone a discount (which is really the list price as nobody ever actually pays the list price). We did not choose this misleading approach. Our unique and only list price is available on our WEB. Customers pay that price if they order a single product directly to us and have discount for quantities. In fact, we do have two prices: One is a single license, first-time purchase price, we call it the list price, the other is the VAR price.

Payment Terms

Payment terms for VAR are net 30 depending on approved credit evaluation.

No channel conflict

Your customers will remain yours and you stay the first contact for them.

Fixed term of contract

1 (one) year, renewal every year.

Others Conditions

Activities like, press announcement, use of customer success stories, use of our product name and logo and company name and logo need our approval.