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Integrated development environment dedicated to monitoring and auditing

LoriotPro Extended Edition can solve very complex problems of network and system administration with the powerful and scalable embedded scripting language LUA. With this unique solution, your complete network architecture and the graphical environment LoriotPro can be monitored and controlled by very suitable programs.
The development environment integrated with LoriotPro allows you to quickly write powerful applications dedicated to the supervision and resource auditing of your information system. Dozens of examples ready for use are provided and you can automate tedious and recurring administration tasks.
LoriotPro uses the fundamentals of the open source language LUA and provides in additions dozens of functions dedicated to supervision and monitoring by SNMP, mapping and symbolic representation by the Active View and correlation of events and alarms.


Make the most of the toolbox

LoriotPro is also a fantastic toolbox that administrators as well as developers can use in their daily tasks. Among the abundance of this product’s offerings, many tools for handling Management Information Bases (MIBs) greatly facilitate setting up and customizing administrative tasks. Some examples are Common and Advanced Query for creating requests about MIB objects, direct access to objects by means of the MIB tree, the MIB compiler, the MIB Scripter for automating your requests about objects, etc.

Diagnostic tools like PING, TraceRoute, Path Trace are also available to help you to fast discover the reason of a failure, a performance trouble and the location of the responsible device or host.

ping & traceroute

LoriotPro monitors Ethernet switches running the Spanning Tree protocol. This algorithm defined in the IEEE 802.1d, is used to determine when multiple paths exist between two nodes which one should be active and which one should be in standby. This is necessary to avoid loop and broadcast packet storm.

spanning tree

Among LoriotPro tools, there is one that many administrators will appreciate. What could be more difficult than discovering the capability of hardware or a system to respond to questions about status? In technical terms, how can you know which MIB objects are implemented in an SNMP object? LoriotPro’s SNMP Walker discovers them for you automatically.

Create your own tools

LoriotPro is modular. These modules, called plug-ins, can be added to LoriotPro for carrying out specific tasks. Many plug-ins are provided as examples: a WEB service monitor, a collector of NetBIOS resources, an e-mail message an e-mail message scheduler based on alarms, a Cisco™ Netflow data collector, a TCP port-listening supervisor, etc. The source code for all these programs is provided so that you can develop your own plug-ins. A Wizard written with Visual C 6.0 from Microsoft™ facilitates the task by creating the skeletal structure of your applications.

LoriotPro Technical Specifications

Required Configuration
Processor: Intel Processor 2 Ghz or more
2 GB min 8 Mb recommended
100 GB hard disk
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP PRO/7/8 Server 2008 or higher versions.
Internet browsers Internet Explorer 7
Network Interface Ethernet 100Mbps/1Gbps

LoriotPro Editions

Free Edition (Monitor 10 IP nodes)
Lite Edition (Monitor 100 IP nodes)
Standard Edition (Monitor an unlimited number of IP nodes)
Extended Edition (Include script development and support, QOS reports, RRD graphs, etc.)

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