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Administrator Handbook


The LoriotPro main window  

The main window of LoriotPro is divided into five zones. When starting  LoriotPro for the first time you should see all five zones by default.

Main window of LoriotPro

Zone description

Working areas



This zone gives access to a set of windows showing the different resource trees  managed by the software.

The Directory objects are presented in a graphical tree  under the Directory tab.

Health Control Center

This zone gives access to instant information showing the health of devices and tasks associated to hosts. It allows you to quickly pinpoint any problem
occurring in a branch or a sub-branch of the directory.

Tools Bar

This zone gives access to icon/text bars with pre-programmed functions.


This zone gives access to a set of windows containing messages generated by received or locally generated  events.


This zone allows you to keep an eye on the Map and quickly jump by double-clicking to a specific Map in alert status (in red).
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