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Administrator Handbook


The Event window


The event window contains a set of windows allowing you to filter and visualize received information, notifications and alarms.

Global Event window

This window displays all filtered messages. Messages are of different types and a full chapter in this manual describes how to use them efficiently for a proactive supervision of your information system.

Event Area, Global Events

Global Events associated functions

Each window has its own context menu.

Global Events context menu

The messages received by the event process are stored in files on a daily basis or in an ODBC standard database. These files are easy to access from the menu.

To see them, from the main menu select:

Supervise>See Events Log Files…

Supervise menu

If you have configured the database access, it is possible to read stored events from the database by using the ‘Tables Queries ‘ window.

Remark: To use this functionality, read the chapter about database configuration and exploitation.

To access your records from your database select from the main menu:

Supervise>Database  Query…

Global Event, ODBC Tables, Queries

Status icons in the Global Events window

The Global Events window icons are made of triangles containing a question mark and are of different colors.

Table of Global Events window status icons




Message of level 0

low severity

Message of level 1


Message of level 2


Message of level 3


Message of level 4


Message of level 5


Message of level 6

Message of level 7  
Message of level 8 very high severity

Syslog window

When a message is sent to the LoriotPro alarm server process with a Syslog structure type, it is automatically displayed in the Syslog window.

. The icon   is used to represent this type of event.

Event Area, Syslog

LoriotPro is not designed as a professional Syslog server; however, it does allow you to receive them and should fit your needs as long as the number of Syslog messages that you receive stays low.

To activate the Syslog server on port UDP 514, refers\ to the Event Management chapter. 

Trap window

LoriotPro supports the receipt of SNMP traps of type V1 V2C and V3 HMAC-MD5, each of them is displayed when received in the trap window.

Traps tab and window

Trap window associated Functions

Double-clicking on a line of the trap window displays the host properties window of the sending host if it is registered in the Directory. 

Host properties window

Trap status icons

The software uses different icon presentations according to the received Trap type.

Table of icon type





Sent by a device that has been powered on


Sent by a device that has been put in soft reset


The physical connection of a link is broken


The physical connection of a link is up

Authentication error

The SNMP authentication between the agent and the management server  has failed




An enterprise Trap has a proprietary value specified in the Specific column.


Notification v2c

This trap may indicate a severe problem

Inform V2c

This trap is informational and not severe

Notification v3

This trap may indicate a severe problem

Inform V3

This trap is informational and not severe

Remarks: Consult the Event Management chapter for more details.

Custom1 to Custom3 window


The Custom 1 to Custom 3 windows are used to display filtered events. The filter rules are defined in the trapfilter.txt file located in the bin directory of LoriotPro.

Remarks: Consult the Event Management chapter for more details.

Filters windows

The filters window displays in a graphical way the filter defined in the trapfilter.txt file.

Filters can be set up by using a context menu.

Event and trap Filters window

Remark: Consult the Event Management chapter for more details.
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