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The MIB Tree


This zone contains all the MIB objects known (compiled) by LoriotPro and allows you to start a query by associating one of these MIB objects to the default (selected)  Directory object, which should be a host object.

Before any SNMP request, you must select a host in the Directory tree or on a map.

The tree follows exactly the official structure of presentation of SNMP objects as defined in the MIB. But you can also display a customized tree with the branch that you use the most frequently.

Workspace, MIB Tree

Remark: At each compilation of new MIB files, the tree is automatically updated and new SNMP objects are inserted or removed.

Associated function to the MIB Tree.

The MIB tree is one way of generating graphics and reports and modifying any settable value on your devices. To access the associated functions, select one of the objects in the MIB tree and then from the menu or context menu call up the desired one.

The Mib Tree menu

From the context menu.

MIB tree context menu

Direct functions

If you double-click on any item of the tree, the software interprets the command based on the type of the object beneath it.

For an OID of branch type, a request will be sent to the default host agent and will be displayed on the screen.

Mib tree Simple request

For an MIB object of table type, a set request will be sent to the default host and will be displayed in a table.

MIB Tree table request

The details of MIB functions are explained in a subsequent chapter.