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The Report Center 


The Report Center allows you to organize your reports in a tree structure and allows you to acces your prefered reports or script, active view etc.

Workspace, Report Center Tree

Remark: The list is updated each time you perform a new MIB compilation.

Associated MIB table functions

Double-clicking on an object table in the tree starts the associated function on the default selected host and a results window is displayed.

The functions are attached with the wizard .

A dialog box is displayed allowing to choose what you want to add to the tree, under your current selection

The new entry is added in the tree with its custom icon.

This icon defines an entry to a report (rep file).Refer to Reporting chapter for more information
This icon defines an access to a script file. A script file make SNMP multiple requests to a host
This icon opens the view of a SNMP Mib Table object in a window
This icon opens the attached Plug-in application
Open an explorer window to the specified link.
Start any Windows program
This icon opens a Template Active View (ACtive View that are not attached to a directory object