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Advanced TCP Audit polling

The Advanced TCP/Audit Polling plugin monitor the availability and the performance of any networking application (client/server application).

The monitoring is performed by establishing simple TCP connections to the servers or by establishing a more complex dialogue.

These dialogues are based on dedicated script programs (Using LUA script language).

The completion status of the request(s) and the response time are used to warn the administrator of defaults and to establish quality of service reports.

The plugin display the current polling status and can display (with a single click on the graph icon) the response time value of the last 100 requests.

Advanced TCP audit polling

Installing the plugin

To install the plugin you should proceed as follow: Select a host in the LoriotPro directory and call its contextual menu with a right mouse click.

Select the Task option first then the Advanced TCP/Audit Polling option of the second menu.

insert TCP audit

An alternate way consits of using the host property and the Advanced Polling tab.

Configuring the plugin "Advanced TCP Audit polling"

To configure the plugin use the contextual menu and select the Properties option.

Or click on the properties iconproperty


The configuration dialog box is displayed

application monitoring configuration

The minimum configuration steps are:

  1. Select the Polling Type "TCP connect"
  2. Choose a polling interval
  3. Check the Enable Process box
  4. In the TCP Connect area, select a TCP port number in the list box or enter it as a number directly.

Common application TCP ports are available in the configuration dialog box. In the following list you will find the most frequently used.



Listenning TCP Port

File Server

FTP (File Transfert Protocol)


TFTP Trivial File Transfer


Microsoft Server

MS-RPC (appels de procédure distants (RPC).


Netbios-ns NETBIOS Name Service
Ce service sert à allouer un nom d'ordinateur à une adresse IP


netbios-dgm - NETBIOS Datagram Service
Ce service permet d'échanger des messages en mode non connecté


netbios-ssn - NETBIOS Session Service
Ce service permet d'échanger des messages en mode connecté


WEB Server

HTTP (Hyper Text Transfert protocol)



HHTPS – HTTP sécurisé


Messaging Server

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfert Protocol)




POP3 – (Post Office Protocol – Version 3)


POP3/SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)


IMAP4 ((Internet Message Access Protocol)


IMAP4/SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)


Lotus Notes




Database Server

MS SQL (Microsoft SQL Server)


My SQL Server


Serveur Oracle



Postgres SQL


Name Resolution server

DNS – Domain Name Service


Address resolution server

BootP (Bootstrap Protocol Server)
DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)


Directory server

LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol),


LDAP/SSL - (Secure Sockets Layer)


Microsoft-ds (Directory Services)


VIDEO server

H.323 (Vidéo) (ITU-T H.323 définit la conférence multimédia)


Audio server

conférence audio


Monitoring server

Agent - SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol



Some options are available at this configuration step.

The SLA Collect check box enables the gathering of data for the calculation of the quality of service level. Responses to the requests sent by the TCP polling process will be stored in history files. The history files can be used later on to create QOS reports with the SLA Report Center plugin or with the SLA scripting functions

Sending of an alarm (Loriotpro Event) on successful or unsuccessful connection.

  1. Choose an existing event number for this alarm or create a new one with the Wizard. wizard
  2. Choose a severity level with the AT Level option. The severity defines the color of the message in the event log window.
  3. Choose the condition to match before sending an event (TCP port number status is Up or Down)

here under an example of setting on a :

With an alarm set (Event 103306)

event on TCP down

The event is generated at each polling without answer.

event on TCP down

Monitoring and auditing with scritping

The owners of a LoriotPro Extended Edition can monitor and audit any application or system with the Audit Process feature.

The Audit Process of LoriotPro can launch audit and monitoring programs that can perform any kind of availability or performance checking.  

These programs are written with the LUA script language embedded in LoriotPro. Audit and monitoring programs are available and you can extend the list with your own program.
A programmer’s manual is dedicated to the scripting language and the way of writing your own monitoring program.

To add a new monitoring program the polling type selected should be Audit Process. The fields of the Audit Process area in the dialog box will be automatically activated.

lua audit otpion

The minimum configuration steps are:

Click on the Wizard button wizard to open the script selector or enter the program number if you already know it.

script selection wizard

The selected script number is displayed in the Audit Ref Field

audit option set

The Parameters field displays a text explaining what value is expected from the script, in this example the threshold value used fro triggering an event.

Audit Title displays the description of the script.

You can add options with:

Generate Audio

Generate Reporting

Generate Graph