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IP Scanner and SNMP Scanner Tool


The IP scanner and SNMP Scanner Tool is used to discover existing hosts in an IP address range. If these hosts support SNMP they are fully discovered with SNMP. The LoriotPro IP scanner updates the LoriotPro directory with the found hosts and applies the polling parameters. In a short delay the discovered host are monitored.

The IP scanner tool is very useful to discover hosts that do not use a default router and therefore that cannot be discovered by the LoriotPro SNMP discover process (no  arp entries in its table).

The IP scanner function could be used to discover hosts on network portions where SNMP is not authorized or not activated.

The IP scanner and SNMP Scanner tool optionally fills the Directory with new discovered objects.

Since the version 5 of LoriotPro the IP Scanner tool is able to discover the serveur applications available (TCP port) on the discovered host.

In the Extended Edition of LoriotPro the discover options can be based on strategies. Strategy are a set of extensible modules (LUA script). With strategy it is almost possible to do any types of discovering at any levels of the application (depending on snmp agent features).

Windows of the IP scanner:

IP scanner SNMP Scanner

The IP scanner window displays information in three panes.

Starting IP scanner

From the contextual menu of a network object, select the option:

IP Scanner

IP scanner

Remark: If you want to add the new discovered objects in a specific container, you should preliminary select it in the Directory. If you start it with a network object as default object, the IP address range will be automatically set with the right value.
IP Scanner

IP range selection

From the main menu

IP SNMP discover scanner

The IP Start Address field and IP Stop Address field are set with the right IP address range.

IP range

The scan could be performed either with the ICMP (Ping) or the SNMP version V1/V2c protocole.

SNMP scan

Table of the IP scanner options

Fields Description
IP (ping) Scan

The IP Scanner will perform the discover with simple Ping request

Snmp Scan

The IP Scanner will perform a discover of the hosts with snmp agents and with the community specified in the Snmp Community field. The discover use snmp v1. The snmp ping uses the sysname object of the MIB2.

Check Snmp V2c Do the same as before but in snmp v2c.
Snmp Community RO The snmp community used to perform the snmp discover. Multiple communities can be defined in this field, separate them by coma.
Scan TCP Port Range

Perform a discover of the TCP listenning ports on the host previously discovered by ping. All the port belonging to the TCP port range defined will be scanned.

Scan TCP Port List

Perform a discover of the TCP listenning ports on the host previously discovered by ping. All the port belonging to the TCP port list defined will be scanned.

Advanced Scan

This option is only available in the Extended Edition of LoriotPro. A strategy defines a set of software modules (based on LUA scripts) that perform specific discover tasks.

Select Strategy

The modules of the strategy can be selected there. Check and uncheck the required options.

stragetie de découverte par lua

The module are base on LUA script that follow a proprietary syntax, you cane xtend the list by writing your own modules.

Buttons Load and Save As allows you to load a stategy for a file ( .sta) or to save the current setting to a new file.

Once the options are selected choose the Quit and Save button.


Back to the IP scanner main window, you can define teh Add /Update Host Directory option

If you want that the discovered hosts are inserted in the Directory, you should check the Add / Update Entry option.

update directory

Table of options of the  IP Scanner tool



Add/Update Entry

If this option is checked, the discovered hosts will be added to the Directory.

Remark: If this option is not checked, the other options of the  ‘Add /Update Hosts Database’ zone are not used.

DNS Resolve

The tool tries to resolv the host name with a DNS query.

Remark: This option slows down the scanning drastically.

Put In Network If Exist

If a network container with the right IP network already exists in the Directory, dicovered hosts are directly put in it.

Remark: Regarding the network mask used,  it is thus possible to have assignation errors.

Icmp Polling

Created hosts will be polled with ICMP ( each 60 s)

Snmp Polling

Created hosts will be polled with SNMP ( each 60 s)

Enable Discover Scanning

Hosts will be used by the Discovered process

Remark: Read the chapter discussing about the Discover process for more details.