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Direct Plugin


They are used to perform dedicated processing on a specific Directory Object or Network Object and can be considered as generic tools.

They are load at will, used and closed. They do not stay in memory like Directory Plugin.

They are started one by one and work independently. They are used to perform various tasks (SNMP requests, IP scanner, etc.).

These Plugin are located in the /bin/plugin directory and have the file extension .lp.

Loading a Direct Plugin

The Direct Plugins are either loaded from the object contextual menu, from the main menu or from the  various Tool Bars.

From the contextual menu select:


Menu contextuel des plugins directs

From the main menu after having selected a Directory host object:


Direct Plugin option from main menu

Access from the Host Tools Bar :

Tool bar and direct  Plugin

Remark : The Host Tools Bar give you a list of the Direct Plugin available in the

bin/plug-in directory.

LoriotPro is provided with the CiscoConfig Plugin as Direct Plugin example.

The More option allows you to see the list with a description of the Plugin.

more description