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Directory Plugin


They allow you to associate an application to a Directory host object. These Plugin are loaded and saved within the Directory. They allows you to perform schedule tasks or repetitive tasks (graphics, polling …). These Plugin extend the capacity of LoriotPro by creating an Active  Directory. These Plugin have the file extension .slp.

Example of this Plugin types are provided. Source codes are also provided for some of them in the SDK and could help you  to develop your own Directory Plugin.

Loading a Directory Plugin

The Directory Plugin are either loaded from the object contextual menu, from the main menu or from the various Tool Bars.

From the contextual menu select:

Insert Task (plugin) >Directory Plugin Task…

Directory contextual Menu for Plugin

From the main menu after having selected a Directory host object:

Directory>Insert Task (plugin)>Directory Plugin Task…

Directory Plugin access from the main menu

Access from the Host Tools Bar :

Directory Plugin access from the Tools Bar

Remark : The Host Tools Bar gives you a list of the Directory Plugin available.

The More option of the menu display a dialog box with summary explanations of the plugin fonction.

description des plugin

The Plugin will be inserted in the Directory and linked to the default host.

A double click on the Plugin icon  displays the main window of the Plugin (working as background task).

The contextual menu of a plugin give access to the plugin properties.

plugin properties

A 209 event is sent to the event manager indicating that the Plugin is loaded in memory.

Management of the Plugin status

Plugin could manage their supervision status. A small colored round within the icon represents this status. Color changes with the same rules that were previously documented.

The Health Control Center also displays Plugin and their status.

To display the Plugin attached to a host select the icon directory plugin  of the Health Tools Bar.