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Main Windows
Main Window
Mib Tree
Report Center
Service tree
Task Manager
Remote Web Interface
WEB Main Screen
Home Page
Host status list
Host CPU usage monitoring
Active View
Event table
WEB Server configuration
User Access configuration
IP Network topology discovering
Discover process
IP and SNMP Scanner
Netbios Name Resolver (Detect and resolve Netbios names)
TraceRoute Discover (Enhanced TraceRoute with Graphical Circle Map)
Connectivity and availability monitoring
Monitoring host response time to Ping and SNMP
Connectivity monitoring (Check connectivity Poller process)
Health Control Center (Filter by connectivity status)
Multi PING
Network Applications monitoring (Send alarm when applications fail/succeed to respond on their TCP port)
Network Application monitoring (Monitor one application on its TCP port and send alarm collecte SLA data)
Bulk polling of SNMP object (Poll MIB Objects ,disk, cpu, traffic ...send alarm on threshold)
Poll URL link stat (Graph availability and response time of your WEB server)

System process monitoring (Monitor application process status on operating system, Windows, Unix/Linux)
Topology Map and Active View
Active View (Draw dynamic view of your network system and infrastructure)
A play List of your prefered Windows dashboards
Active View Editor
MiniMap (Display a miniature Map of your network with colored host status)
Map (Display IP network router Map and Directory Map)
Performance management, load measurement, SLA
Rea time line graphic (Graph 2 SNMP object value on a line graph in real time)
Trend Graphic (graph the trend of 2 SNMP object on 4 history line graphs)
Graph Gauge (Graphical gauge of a variable, send alarm on treshold)
RRD Graphs (trend graph of snmp object, ping rtt, lua script)
RRD Graph Manager
Interface Monitor (Monitor in real time network interface activity, send alarm on treshold)
Grapher (Line graph Interface load)
SNMP Table audit
Quality of Service Reporting (SLA Report Center)
Event, Syslog and SNMP Trap management
Global Events (display all received events, provide acknowledge option)
Event counter (accounting of received events)
Event filter counter (accounting on event filters and actions)
Event Browser (Browse event logs by date, IP address,number, severity, contents)
Syslos Messages
Syslog Filters
Syslog Message Browser
Trap list (display all received SNMP Trap, provide acknowledge option)
Trap Filter Counter (accounting on trap filter and actions)
Filter (trigger actions when receiving event and trap)
Trap Simulator (Generate fake trap)
Ethernet Switch management
Spanning Tree Bridge Map (Bridge or Switch management with Spanning Tree map)
Cisco 3850 Switch View dynamic built with LUA scripting
Active View Box (display a virtual view of the router back panel and interfaces)
Router Management
Router tree (Display a dynamic tree of all IP routers, show interface load in %)
Active View Box (display a virtual view of the router back panel and interfaces)
Router troubleshooting - Trace Route Discover
Cisco Config Surveyor (Check on Cisco devices if config has changed, make config backup)
Cisco Config (Get and Put config file on Cisco router via TFTP)
Cisco Router troubleshooting – Cisco ISDN call collector
Cisco Router accounting – Cisco ISDN Statistics
SNMP and MIB tools
MIB Database and MIB tree (Browse MIB object located in the LoriotPro MIB database)
Common SNMP Query tool (Perform simple query and show interface type)
Advanced SNMP Query tool (Perform and debug any SNMP query)
SNMP Walker (Discover what MIB are supported by a SNMP host)
MIB Compiler (Add MIB support to LoriotPro)
Report Center (Classify your report in a tree)
MIB Report (Show a report generated from a MIB file)
MIB Table report (Show a MIB table)
Inventory report (inventory of resources by type, usage, version...)
LUA Scripting application
Development Environment (LSDE)
Bulk Configuration
IP Expert Strategy
Internal tools
Smtp Event Scheduler (Send Mail on event action)
Text To Speech (convert alarm in voice)
Data Base Interface
Query tool
Host Table access from WEB remote console
Network Table access from WEB remote console
Event Table access from WEB remote console
Netflow query access from WEB remote console
Netflow table access from WEB remote console
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