Auditing Cisco Switch and Router architecture using CDP

LoriotPro and the LUA script language allow you to perform audit of complex Cisco network architectures in few line of code.

The following example demonstrate this fact by doing a complete analysis of a Cisco switch and router architecture and providing a complete report of the device IP addresses, and device connections. You can know in few seconds which port is connected to which port and check your complete network cabling at Layer 2 of your Cisco devices.

The script uses the Cisco Discovery Protocol to discover the connection and the standard interface table for the audit.

Extract of an audit showing GigaEthernet uplink of a Cisco switch device.

Installation du script

You can download the script below: Audit-Cisco_Switch_CDP.lua

Copy it to the /bin/config/script directory and use it like any other LUA script of LoriotPro.

Feel free to enhance it and provide us your enhancement. 

Before using this audit you have to check that the following conditions are satisfied:

On LoriotPro all the Cisco devices that are in your architecture should be present in the LoriotPro directory and reachable by SNMP (green status).

The CDP MIB from Cisco should be compiled.

After compilation, in the MIB tree if you search for the cdpCacheTable you should find it.

The CDP protocol should be activated on all the interface of your Cisco devices.

Consult the Cisco documentation below for more detail on how to configure the Cisco Dicovery Protocol

Example of audit result: AuditCisco.txt