Cleaning of the LoriotPro MIB Database

Adding MIB file to the LoriotPro MIB Database is an operation performed with the MIB Compiler of LoriotPro.

As a reminder, the MIB database is built by adding MIB file. The MIB database is relevant for LoriotPro because it is required for finding the OID of a named object or finding the object named from its OID. (example : sysName <->

Since the Version 5 of LoriotPro the MIB compiler is also used to perform cleaning of the LoriotPro MIB database of unnecessary MIB objects. In other terms, you can remove entries that you don't want to see in your MIB tree.

But there is a very big difference between adding new MIB file in the MIB database of Loriotpro and removing MIB file.

Adding MIB files to the MIB database can be done one by one with the MIB compiler as long as you follow the rules of MIB dependencies (IMPORT entries in the MIB).

Removing MIB file can not be done on a per file basis. The MIB database should be completely cleaned first and then MIB file can be added and the MIB tree rebuilt as you wanted it to be.

For this goal, two options are available in the MIB Compiler Menu.

  • Reset Startup Database to Default
  • Reset Startup Database to Kernel

By selecting �Reset Database Startup to Default the base will be built with the current MIB (standard RFC) as well as some owners of some manufacturers, publishers and partners LUTEUS.

By selecting �Reset Startup Database to Kernel the database will be initialized by a file (with mandatory MIB object) called kernel.mib and contains the MIB RFC 1155, RFC 1158, RFC 1213, RFC 3418, RFC 1904, RFC 1903.

A confirmation is offered prior validation

A popup windows informs that LoriotPro must be restarted for the change to take effect.

The MIB database is loaded in working memory from a file when LoriotPro starts, hence the need to restart LoriotPro.

A checking is performed by opening the MIB tree. The following minimum tree must be displayed if the operation went well.

It is possible at this stage to add MIB by compilation, but be careful, because any MIB file compiled by error can be removed when taking the cleaning process.

Control the MIB branch �

It is possible to clean the branch which is initialized by default with many entries.

Please note that removing entries prevents LoriotPro to identify the source of equipment or system by its SNMP sysObjectID.

To do this it is necessary to edit the file /bin/config/loriotpro.ini, to find the line (enterprises-number.mib) and to delete it.

The file enterprises-number.MIB located in /bin/mib directory must be removed from the directory or at the next global compilation unwanted entries will be added.

Finally, it a Reset Startup Database to Kernel as explained above.