How to stop (kill process) LoriotPro or something else on event

This document explains how to set up an event filter that trigger a kill of the LoriotPro process or of any Windows applications.

This can be useful when the software is in an unstable state due to ressources allocation failure. Unsufficient memroy can lead to the unability to launch new process for example.

In that case LoriotPro can kill itself and then the external Watchdog process restart it.

Here under the main Component The LoriotPro application and the Watchdog application, both of them should be running

Kill process on event

In the event filter you should configure a new filter on the event 500 (could be any event number that you might need)

Task Kill event filter

the syntax of the command is : cmd /C tskill loriotprov6

%Q are use tu quote the string.

If you use previous or future version of LoriotPro specify the right process name.

You should check that the Watchdog program is properly configure for this purpose too.

WatchDog process restart

You can chek that everything works fine by using the Send Event simulator and by sending an event 500.