Migrating LoriotPro version 4 to version 5

You have LoriotPro Version 4 and you want to migrate to version 5 while retaining the current configuration data.

This How-To explains the steps necessary to migrate your existing configuration.

With the installation of a new V5, LoriotPro directory is set up but no configuration data of your existing version 4 is retrieved or modified.

At the launch of your new version you have an environment completely blank of any configuration.

A tool is available for download to properly achieve this migration. Download Migration tool .

This tool imports configuration files and some history data of your old version 4.

Migration procedure

The downloaded software should be copied in the directory / bin LoriotPro V5.

The software LoriotPro must be stopped before proceeding to migration.

At the launch of the program the following window is displayed.

By clicking the Select button, select the directory /bin LoriotPro Version 4.

If the directory is not recognized a warning popup is displayed.

To keep a copy of the LoriotPro V5 configuration directory it is possible to make a backup in zip format. Click on the button: Backup LoriotPro V5 config (Zip Format)
Choose then the migration options:

Import Graph Data: Import of data type MRTG graphs (tab routers) located in / bin / www / log

Import Queue Data: Import e-mail and ODBC querie file queue (in the case of a basic set ODBC)

Import WEB User Data: Import reporting files from WEB users

If you check the option Import Data Queue a popup message appears:

The destination path "LoriotPro V5 path" is not changed. This path is automatically discovered by the migration tool.

You can now proceed to migration.

Click on the Process button. The following warning message is displayed:

Click on Yes to continue, No to quit and abort migration process.

A backup of your LoriotPro V5 /bin/config directory is done automatically. A message tells you its location on the disc.

The migration starts.

If LUA script files with the same names are present in the destination directory, a popup offers the choice to retain them.

During the migration files transferred are displayed in the window.

A report file is then displayed with the transactions.

During the migration a log is displayed with all the processed files.

Be careful: If you have check the Import Queue Data option the migration could take a while, please be patient.

The migration of the configuration and some data file is finished.

This tool doesnt copy all the data and graph history.

Some manual copy can be realized if Active View objects of Graph histories are missing

The Active View contains graphic objects that can be linked to clipart in emf format and located in the /bin/card directory.

If images are missing in the active View after migration, verify that all files and directories located in version 4 /bin/card directory are present in the /bin/card directory of the version 5.

The procedure is completed. Please contact support@loriotpro.com if you're having trouble using this software.