Using NetSend and the NetSend Gui from Fominet with LoriotPro


In LoriotPro alarm filtering you might want to trigger a popup alarm window on a remote workstation or a group of workstation.

LoriotPro is able to trigger action when receiving a SNMP trap, a proprietary EVENT or a SYSLOG. The action is defined in a filter. LoriotPro checks in real time that filter conditions are fulfilled and launch the action. LoriotPro is internally design to process hundred of incoming events per seconds and trigger the according actions.

In this how to, we want to notify network administrator of IS manager of any type of alarms by sending them a message that will popup a windows on their workstation. LoriotPro will be in charge of triggering the executable that will send the message and not directly send the message.

This document explains how to use the Fomine Net Send and Net Send GUI program to send instant messages over LAN.

Remark: Windows Vista no longer has the Net Send command. Microsoft has removed the Net Send command, Messenger service and Winpopup protocol altogether from Windows Vista because of the many security problems associated with the protocol.

With the Fomine solution you have the choice of installing the following programs on the workstation that should receive the message sent by LoriotPro:

  • Winpopup LAN Messenger
  • OfficePopup
  • NET SEND GUI (free)


You should first install the NET SEND GUI program on all the workstation that might need to receive alarm message.


When done you can hide the program in the task bar.

If you try to close the information message warns you.


At any time check that the Net Send GUI program is running even minimized.


You are ready to use the program with LoriotPro. Copy the NetSend program and the netsend.dll in the /bin directory of LoriotPro.

Do a test for checking that it works.

C:\v5-net\NetSendSDK>netsend UserName "This is a Test Message"
Copyright (C) 2007 Fomine Software
All rights reserved.

Parse command line...Warning
Messenger was not specified, the Net Send GUI is messenger by default.
Sending message......Ok

UserName, OK


On the LoriotPro software, add a new action to the event or the trap.

The example below is on an event.

event filter net send

The syntax is : netsend username message

If you replace the username by a * all the users on the LAN with one of the Fomine application will receive the message.

Warning : The double quote is not allowed in the action parameters field. You should replace them by the %Q value. (this feature is available only with Loriotpro V5 release cc or higher).

When done check the filter and the action with the Event Simulator. It is very important to check it to be sure that there is not mistake in the configuration.

The day the real event will surge you will receive it.

alarm simulator

With NetSendGUI installed, on the recipient system the pop up is displayed.

pop message 

If you have installed Winpopup instead of NetSendGUI, The following window appears.


Office popup is also very convenient for receiving popup. It can be install only in receiver mode or in dual mode (chat).

During installation choose Receive message only

office popup

Example of message on Office Popup

One last detail all these programs are compatible and can send message to each other and can also be installed on the same system without port conflict.

Thanks to the Fomine developers.