How To use alias strategy within LoriotPro


LoriotPro uses an internal host data base named LDS for LoriotPro Directory Service. The LoriotPro LDS uses the IP address of the host to create indexes.

In this database, only one host profile (configuration) is available per host, each host from the point of view of LoriotPro has only one IP address (multihoming server or router are seen as multiple hosts). If a host has more than one SNMP agent, LoriotPro do not have the capacity to handle it.

Examples :

1- A host @IP: has a standard snmp agent linked to the udp port 161 and another one linked to the no standard udp port 1515.

2 - A host @IP: has a standard snmp agent linked to the udp port 161 using the snmpv1 protocol and a snmp V2c profile linked to the same udp port 161 used for specific queries.

3 - A host @IP: has a standard snmp agent linked to the udp port 161 using different community to access the differents management processes.


LoriotPro uses an alias stategy to solve this problem. An alias host is a host with a dummy IP address used to index it in the LDS. A secondary IP address is set in the profile and is used in all modules of LoriotPro in replacement of the dummy address.

The use of Alias has some restrictions.

It is not possible to poll a host alias (poll the direct host).

It is not possible to use a snmpV3 profile with a host alias (configure the direct host with the snmpv3 profile).

Some plugins are not designed to work with host alias (test the plugin before to make in production).

Sample :

In the following example, a Cisco router ( viewed as one host ) at @IP: has three different profiles on a same udp port 161. LoriotPro use the @IP to poll the router.

1 - one snmp V3 profile (user nouser noauthentication) more information to

2 - one snmp V2c profile (community testv2c)

3 - one snmp v1 profile (community public)

Cisco IOS sample configuration :

snmp-server user nouser noloriotpro v3
snmp-server group noloriot v3 noauth
snmp-server community public RO
snmp-server community testv2c RO
no snmp-server sparse-tables
snmp-server host version 3 noauth nolecointe
snmp-server host version 2c testv2c
snmp-server host public

First, the host is created in the LDS container Local for example.

Press "add host" and quit.

After the creation of the host select the contextual menu option "properties" to configure this host entry.

Select Set SNMPV3 button and input your parameters for snmpv3:

The next step consist of creating an Alias for this host

Create a new host entry with a dummy IP address, for example

Add the correct parameters for the v2c profile and add the IP address in the "is alias of" field. The polling function is not permited for an alias host. It is possible to set the next hop and enable discover scanning option.

loriotpro host alias

Press 'add host' and answer YES at the question "add another host.

Create the new alias using the IP address

alias loriotpro

Now, you have three entries in your LDS, corresponding to your three differents profiles for the same host.

WARNING : Only the first not alias profile should have the Snmp and ICMP polling option enabled.

If you doubleclick on an alias profile, an error is detected when the node information module receives the host response. A dialog box pop up "receive response from bad agent". This is because the IP address do not match the IP address of the host entry (it is a security option against spoofing attack) . Just click OK .

You could now attached Plugin to these hosts and manage them individually.