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SNMP Walker - MIB Walker tool

Introduction to SNMP Walker (a MIB walker solution)

The SNMP Walker tool discovers the objects that a SNMP agent supports.

This tool is also commonly called MIB walker because it walks the SNMP oid tree (MIB tree) and performs SNMP GET on all objects. Its main goal is to identify what MIB are supported by a device or a system.

This snmp walker tool could jointly be used with the report generator and is one of the most convenient tool of LoriotPro.

Warning: The snmp walker in the example below will generate a heavy number of snmp requests on the snmp agent.

Snmp Walker in action

The upper screen shot display the result of a snmp walk on the mib-2 branch

mib-2 snmp walk

Launching SNMP walker

To acces the snmp walker you can use the contexual menu or the tool bars. he icon snmp walker open the snmp walker window.

From the MIB Tree open the contexual menu after selecting the branch object in the tree from where you want to start the snmp walk.

Select the SNMP Walker option.

accessing snmp walker

Using the SNMP Walker

The following table rpovides a description of the flieds of the snmp walker window.

Fields Description
Host to Walk IP Address of the host on which the snmp requests will be sent
Snmp oid to walk from

The snmp object in the MIB tree from which the snmp walk will start. ALl the objects under this branch will be requested.

MIB Definition

The list of MIB (Descritpion of the MIB and not its file name) where the discovered snmp objects are defined.

MIB definition


Table of the discovered objects on the snmp agent.

MIB Reference : Name of the MIB (MIB Descritpion)

OID Name : Name of the object or its OID . If the object is not in the MIB database (MIB not compiled) it is displayed in its OID format.

Value : The value of the object sent by the agent

mib object
Example of snmp walk with full oid


Full OID information Display the full OID, from the root of the MIB tree.
Start Start the snmp walk on the selected host and selected branch object.
Stop Stop the snmp walk
Help Dsiplay this help file
wizard Call the wizards of host selection in the directory and the snmp object selection in the MIB tree

Remark: The proprietary MIB for that contructor should previously be loaded (compile with the MIB compiler tool)

Example of snmp walk on a device from which MIB are not in the MIB database of Loriotpro (not compiled). The SNMP WALKER displays in that case the name of the father objetc that is defined in the MIB database (Enterprise in our example). It is necessary to identify the missing MIB(s) and add it to the database for being able to use the objects in their name format instead of their OID format.

unresolved snmp oid


Example of snmp walk on private MIB

Let us imagine that you want to know all the proprietary MIB supported by one of your router and then generate a report for one of this MIB.

Select the private option from the Combobox and click on the Start button.

All SNMP objects available on this host agent will be displayed in the right list box and MIB files names will be displayed in the left list box.

If you double click on a MIB file, the «Report generator tool» will automatically generate a report.

Here under an abstract of a report on the IP-Forward MIB

Remark: The chapter about MIB compiling uses an example with the SNMP walker and the Report generator.