Some part of the LoriotPro Kernel is derived from the first public version of the CMU snmp lib.
LoriotPro uses the MD5 RSA public domain module found in the RFC1321 is used to implement the HMAC-MD5-96 SNMPV3 authentification (RFC2574).
LoriotPro uses the powerful BCGControlBar freeware library of Stas Levin found at :
BCGSoft diffuses now this commercial product.
LoriotPro uses some information found at the most powerful site for the MFC programmer :
see the credit option included in the software for more details.
  LoriotPro uses a modified version of the CIcmp class of Jay Wheeler :

MRTG style graph Files.
LoriotPro uses an exec link to the rateup.exe tool from the package MRTG for generating the GIF or PNG graph Files.
If you can't see the graphics in a HTML Files, copy the rateup.exe file of MRTG Package in the current Loriot directory
MRTG Author : Tobias Oetiker
MRTG CoAuthor : Dave Rand
Ported to WindowsNT by : Stuart Schneider