Support Request Form 

The best method for submitting technical support inquiries, test cases, and corrective code is by e-mail. Use the e-mail form below as the basis of your e-mail to LUTEUS Developer staff.

The requirements for a Support entry are also included here as a guide to organizing your support request so that we can easily identify the issue and provide a solution.

Explain your request in detail and please include the following information:
Your name and e-mail address, and your company's name, address, telephone number and FAX number; The product name, version number, OS platform, and key number Fault description with as much detail as possible; A description of how to reproduce the problem.

Separation of Issues
If you encounter multiple problems, please open separate cases for each.  Feel free to mention related case numbers when you submit your additional cases. If we have helped to solve an initial problem and you are now encountering a new problem, please close the first case and open a new one.

Customer Responsibilities

  • Customer acknowledges that Contacts are required to provide Luteus with a valid Product key in order to demonstrate service entitlement prior to service delivery.
  • Customer will promptly implement any remedial actions suggested by LUTEUS.
  • Customer will comply with LUTEUS requests to perform prescribed actions, including but not limited to patch updates, and provision of proactive diagnostic information.
  • Customer will conduct proper integration and testing of software applications prior to using the software on a production system.
  • Customer acknowledges that he is aware of the Sales conditions specified on the Luteus web site.

To help us better help you, please make sure as much as possible of the following information has been entered before sending this form. Be sure to give your correct e-mail address. If your request contains a screen capture or attachment files please submit your request directly by e-mail to and make sure to include all the information requested on this page. 

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Please describe the problem
step-by-step what you did before the problem occurred.

Error message
If you saw an error message, please write down the exact words of this error message. If this is a crash please note the hexadecimal value of the crash or send one screen capture of the dialog box message to


Thank you.
We will get back to you as soon as possible.