Lexicon and terminology

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Accounting Management All tasks parfomed for getting accounting data of network and system utilization, defined by the FCAPS standard
Alarm monitoring Management with pro-active notification of network administrator
Application availability monitoring Check that software application are accessible to end users
Availability Monitoring Monitor the availability of network and system resources
Availability monitoring Check that network resources are up and accessible
Bulk TCP polling

LoriotPro plug-in that performs massive TCP port connections and triggers alarm on status (Bulk TCP polling documentation)

Bulk threshold control

LoriotPro plug-in that performs massive SNMP requests on MIB objects and triggers alarm on threshold values. (Bulk threshold contro documentation)

Cisco Config Surveyor Loriotpro software that check the configuration of a Cisco router
Configuration Management All tasks performed during the configuration of hardware and software, defined in the FCAPS standard
Dashboard Graphical user interface that provides synthetic view with gauges and counter of traffic and load
Database monitoring Repetitive process that check the availability and the utilization of a database and notify the administrator of any default.
Environmental monitoring Permanent checking of environmental conditions, temperature, humidity, pressure, access control and physical intrusion, power supply, smoke detection, water level ....
Event A change or a fault in the wetawork that need to be notify to somebody
Event Filtering A filter allows to trigger action when receiving a particular event 
Event monitoring Checking permanently for new events occurrence and displaying it
Fault management Detect and diagnostic network or system faults, defined by the FCAPS standard
FCAPS Acronym for Fault Management, Configuration Management, Accounting Management, Performance Management, Security Management (FCAPS documentation)
Free Radius Server Luteus Freeware that provides the radius server fonctionnality (download free radius server )
Graph a visual representation of data
HTML HyperText Transfert Protocol.
Information system all the ressources that provide access and storing of information, hardware and software.
Inform in SNMP V2 to support manager to manager services, the InformRequest provides a mechanism for the exchange of MIB information
infrastructure map Visual representation of the infrastructure of an information system created with Active View
IP path discover Discovering the path used by IP packet for traveling in a routed network
IP traffic monitoring Analyze and classify the Internet protocol Trafic
Logging Action of creating log and log files
Log List and/or trace of past events, alarms, errors ....
Map Visual representation of a logical network layer or a physical network topology
MIB Management Information Base are Description of of SNMP objects
MIB Browser Display the MIB objects in a hierarchical tree allowing easy navigation
MIB compiler Tools that allow to add MIB file to a MIB database (MIB compiler documentation)
MIB walk Requesting an SNMP agent for a MIB tree branch (SNMP Walker documentation)
Monitor Device that performs monitoring
Monitoring Repetitive process that check the availability of a hardware or software piece
MRTG Multi Router Traffic Grapher - concept and program used by trend view
Netflow Collector Service LoriotPro Module (Plug-in) that collect messages from Netflow Cisco agent
Network administration All tasks that are performed for keeping Networks and Servers in a working  and performing state
Network administrator The person in charge of the network administration
Network discover Process that is use to automatically discover the devices that are connected to a Networks
Network Downtime Period of network unavailability
Network interface monitoring Sate monitoring and perfomance graph of network interface
Network maps Visual representation of a logical network layer or a physical network topology
network topology map Graphical representation of the nodes and the connections of a data network
Notification Message sent by agent in SNMP v2 that replace the common Trap in SNMP V1
Octet An octet represents any eight bit quantity
Performance management Monitor network and system reponse time and usage utilization, defined in the FCAPS standard
Performance Monitoring Monitor Network usage by displaying graph over time period
Poller A process that performs the polling (repetitive queries to IP host and SNMP agent)
Polling Repetitive task that checks a SNMP value or the availability of a network or system resource
Query Terminology used to perform a request on a Database or on a SNMP agent
Radius Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) is a client/server protocol and software that enables remote access servers to communicate with a central server to authenticate dial-in users and authorize their access to the requested system or service (download free radius server)
Remote Authentication Mechanism that uses a remote and centralize credential database, common protocol are the Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS)and the Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP)
Remote WEB network management Management that is perfomed from a remote compatible WEB browser
Router Hardware or software entity that transfer data packets between two networks
Routing troubleshooting Tasks that help the administrateur to diagnostics a faulty router
Scanner (IP Scanner) Process that walks a range of IP addresses and perform analysis
Security Management All tasks performed for guarantying the security of data and availability of key resources, defined in the FCAPS standard
SLA Service Level Agreement
SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol
SNMP object A single management entity define in a MIB
SNMP console Graphical user Interface of the management software
SNMP management All tasks that are used to manage a network with SNMP protocol
snmp manager The SNMP compliant software used to collect SNMP information against SNMP agents
SNMP monitoring Checking availability and performance with SNMP protocol
SNMP V1 Version 1 of the SNMP protocol
SNMP v3 Version 3 of the SNMP protocol
SNMP variable threshold Threshold set on a  SNMP variable that can trigger an action
SNMP Walker LoriotPro plug-in that discover what MIB objects and mib files are supported by a SNMP agent (SNMP Walker documentation). Also called MIB walk or MIB walker
Spanning Tree monitor

LoriotPro plug-in that monitor the spanning tree algorithm behavior of ethernet switches (Spanning Tree Monitor documentation)

Spanning Tree switch Switch that works with the spanning tree protocol
Syslog agent A process that send syslog message to a syslog server
Syslog collector Luteus product that  collect Syslog message from any source (Syslog server)
(Syslog collector documentation)
Syslog Daemon Unix process performing the syslog server also called syslogd
syslog facility Field of the syslog packet specifying the type of the source process (kernel, mail, system ...)
Syslog level A number identifying the severity of the syslog message
Syslog message The message send in the Syslog packet
Syslog server Network server process that listens for incoming syslog packets (defined by RFC3164 )
System administrator The personn in charge of the administration of systems and servers
TCP port monitoring Check availability of application by openning a TCP connection to the well know ports
Trace Route program 

LoriotPro plug-in that discovers the router along the path of an IP packet, measure Round Trip Time (Trace Route documentation)

Trap Name given to SNMP packet sent by SNMP agent to alert the manager of a change or a fault
Trap monitoring Check for incoming trap, display and alert
Trap simulator LoriotPro plug-in that generates spoofed and forged trap for testing purpose
(Trap simulator documentation)
Trend graph graph resource utilization over long periods of time
Trend View LoriotPro plug-in that displays utilization trends based on the MRTG concept and code (Trend View documentation)
UDP UDP - User Datagram Protocol , documented in RFC 768, provides users access to IP-like services. UDP packets are delivered just like IP packets - connection-less datagrams that may be discarded before reaching their targets. SNMP protocol uses the UDP port 161 and 162 by default.
VDSL Very High data rate Digital Subscriber Line
Wifi Wireless Fidelity
WWW World Wide Web
XML eXtensible Markup Language