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Paris, France, October 2017

With over 15 years experience in the world of network and system supervision, LUTEUS is proud to offer a unique product of its kind, the version 8 of LoriotPro, a concentrate of power and features. In continuation, LoriotPro is always a monitoring and automation software featuring a Windows GUI and WEB and a rich development environment for LUA applications. This combination allows it to adapt to your most exotic needs and highest performance constraints.

Although the user interface remains virtually unchanged, there is no comparison with previous versions. The new internal data collector engine revamped, leverages the power of the Windows 64-bit multitasking operating system and propels the LoriotPro Network Management Software to crude power summits. With this new concept of multitasking engine, dozens of thousands of SNMP or other performance indicators can be collected within few seconds. The display is not outdone, dynamic dashboards "Active View" are able to present hundreds of performance indicators with a refresh rate at the second. It is, of course, necessary for configurations with several thousand devices to monitor to have a multiprocessor and / or multi-core with multithreading server hardware.

LoriotPro is also an application development environment based on the LUA scripting language. The infinite possibilities brought by this integrated scripting language can handle every conceivable need for monitoring and control of any technical infrastructure like information systems, audio and video broadcasting control, industrial environments of environmental controls and home automation, access and security controls.

LoriotPro is software running in Microsoft Windows 64 bits server and workstation environment with a fully graphical user interface and multi-window. An integrated web server allows multiple user access. The proposed default interface is scalable at will through the creation of his own way to interface WEB, totally dedicated to your environment and your business operating methods. The use of open LUA technology, AJAX, JQUERY, offers full control over the solution.

In this new version, automation of recurring or programmed tasks is facilitated by a graphic interface for scheduling tasks. In the calendar interface, it is simple with a few clicks of the mouse to define a task that will be triggered at a programmed date and time or at regular intervals, like each day, each week or each month. This task can execute a particular treatment such as the SNMP data collections, the audit of service quality SLA,the launch of scripts, the email sending or report generations.

A new graphical tool, the DashBoard Player allows the administrator to view and cycle through the most vital dashboards showing the status of real-time operation of the network and systems. This carousel of images can present graphs of statistical data, as well as dynamic network map (Active View). The images presented in the carousel are in pages in the HTML format and integrate the language LUA Scripting.


Also new are the statistical data graphs that display the summary information on the operating state and the device distribution of your network and system environment. For example, a graphic shows the number of devices by type (host, server, router, switch, etc.), and their current status of connectivity (IP reachable, SNMP reachable, in error, etc.) . The presentation of the data sets is possible with charts in 2D or 3D. The most common types of charts are available, pie charts 2D and 3D, 2D and 3D histograms, pyramid, polar, linear, donut, area, etc. The display of statistical data graphics is available on request from the web interface or automatically within the image carousel (DashBoard Player). Adding custom graphics is within the reach of the administrator, thanks to the concepts behind the solution which are based on reusable graphical templates and on LUA scripts that perform the data collections.

The directory objects, organisation units, networks and hosts, support the Geo Mapping. The coordinates, latitude and longitude can be specified in respect of the WGS84 system and be used to position the objects on MAP (Google Map).

The support of IPv6 addressing is available with this release 8. LoriotPro directory can thus be enriched with devices and systems using with IPv6 addresses and be natively monitored by simple IPv6 ping and SNMP over IPv6 . The LUA script functions used for SNMP access are now compatible IPv6. The IPv6 standard is implemented in compliance with the RFC5952 and RFC4193. Remember, IPv6 is based on 128-bit IP addressing and is already present in the Internet to provide a huge address space to overcome the limits of IPv4.

The support of SNMP V3 protocol already implemented in LoriotPro has been expanded with new encryption functionality in either DES or AES128. By using SNMP V3 protocol between the SNMP MANAGER (LoriotPro) and SNMP agents, access security is guaranteed through strong authentication and confidentiality of the data exchanged is ensured by encrypting them. Encryption is achieved by the open source OPENSSL library.

The archiving and restoring of configurations as well as the loading of demonstration configurations are also natively available in this new version.You discover the LoriotPro software for the first time and you want to have an overview of its features. The demonstration configurations are there to help you by offering you imaginary and simulated networks and systems environments. Nothing is easier to discover the richness of the product to see it in operation on a simulation and without risk of disruption to your real environment. Some of the demonstration configurations use the high performances of LoriotPro with thousands of monitored IP devices in the directory.

Paris, France, March 2014

LUTEUS is pleased to announce the availability of the version 7 of its SNMP management software LoriotPro. LoriotPro offers in standard, a rich and configurable graphical environment to facilitate the monitoring your IP infrastructure. If you opt for the Extended  or Broadcast Editions, you will possess much more: a complete development tool for adapting our product to your most exotic needs, including creating Windows or WEB dashboard, the management and correlation of alarms, performance graphs, control of QOS? etc..,

Built with Visual Studio 2010 development tool from Microsoft, LoriotPro Version 7 has been improved to provide significantly more processing power and features. With the integration of language LUA script LoriotPro is both a monitoring solution for systems and VDI networks and a complete environment for SNMP and monitoring application development.

The Maps and Dashboards of LoriotPro otherwise called ACTIVE VIEW offer new graphics features and superior visual quality. The visuals in vector format may contain various images and graphic objects. Management attributes of these objects can be achieved by simple expressions or LUA scripts (Extended Edition and Broadcast Edition). Support full screen and multi screen displays many visual control of your infrastructure in your monitoring center. In version 7and in the Broadcast edition, the support of Global Objects allows the refresh of the visuals on one second.

The discovery of your network by IP Scanner scan tool allows you within minutes to enrich the directory with the devices connected to your network. The automatic recognition capabilities can trigger the launch of your own recognition programs (written LUA language). Discovery programs can also automatically configure new devices and their collection and control processes.

Alias objects are available in the directory. This new type of objects allows the duplication of existing host object, to use them in groups of objects by functions or service and then to follow the status of the group. As example, it is possible to create a group (Organization Unit) monitoring the messaging service that contains all the required resources, Alias or not. The underlying resources can be servers but also auditing modules to DNS, to the outgoing SMTP to internal or external services. In case of unavailability of one of these resources, the messaging service can be considered as degraded and some visual alarms, sound messages, e-mails or SMS may be triggered.
The library to access to the WEB. LoriotPro resources can be accessed asynchronously (AJAX/XML) through a library of requests HTTP/XLUA. It is therefore possible to define its own WEB client interface or enrich the already existing WEB pages. Combined with the graphic libraries described previously visuals of any type can be achieved.
LoriotPro Directory allows continuously all your resources and their availability status. With version 7 you can assign to your equipment the icon you want and outcome of your own libraries of icons.

The Broadcast edition is intended for professionals from the world of the distribution of audio and video content(voice/data/images). This edition brings all the features already present on an Extended Edition, but provide them in a real time mode. Hundreds of indicators can be collected in the second and dashboards (Active View) refreshed in the same interval. With our new concept of “Global Objects”, the monitored objects (collections SNMP, error counter, and connectivity status) can be maintained between several LoriotPro in a single base distributed and synchronized. This unique and innovative concept ensures the distribution of load and of the network traffic as well as the real-time redundancy of the solution. Read more about Global Object in the developper documentation

Amsterdam, Netherlands, September 2013

As every year, professionals from the media production and broadcast are came numerous at IBC in Amsterdam to meet their suppliers and discover the new technologies of the near future.

We were present at the DIGIGRAM company booth that invited us to present our LoriotPro Broadcast Edition supervision solution coupled to their solution of distribution in audio over IP. Read more about the Broadcast Edition of LoriotPro

Paris, France, June 2013

A new release bz4 of LoriotPro is available. Visit our download page.

Paris, France, Mai 2010

The version 6 of LoriotPro software is available since May 2010 for its all editions.

This new version provides even more features and power to help you in your daily work of supervision of your IT infrastructure and technology. The four different editions of LoriotPro are always available, which allows you to choose the License according to the network size and the number of IP devices to monitor. As a reminder, the Standard edition does not limit the number of monitored IP node. With the version 6 of LoriotPro, you can purchase additional modules (plugin) to add to your Standard or Lite edition features that are only available on the Extended Edition.

The LoriotPro software, over its various versions, has become an extremely versatile solution able to simultaneously perform thousands of checks and collections of hundreds of systems using standard protocols such as SNMP and TCP. The collections are used to notify you of the operating condition or load supported by your systems through all possible means, visual maps, email, sms, etc. The intensive use of the multi-tasking capabilities of Windows allows LoriotPro to process hundreds of simultaneous requests and thus can be used for the control of several systems from a single LoriotPro monitoring platform.

The LoriotPro internal collectors of events, SNMP Trap and SYSLOG, have a powerful software architecture optimized for almost real time acquisition and processing, in order to inform you of any anomalies in the shortest time and even trigger an automatic corrective treatment (see Extended Edition and SNMP automation).
This primarily for these exceptional processing capabilities that some of our customers (telecom operators, ISPs and broadcaster) chose LoriotPro.

LoriotPro, the Windows operating system and its graphical interface are undoubtedly more dynamic and responsive compared to web management solutions based on a SQL database.

Among the new Version 6 features,  a new LoriotPro plugin is available for Ethernet and IP flow analysis using the RMON RMON2 SNMP standard. If you have RMON compatible Ethernet switches or if you have any RMON probes, RMON GUI module can collect with SNMP statistic information on the network traffic. Graphical views and tables help you to determine and identify the top Ethernet consumers and the consumption by host IP and IP application.

Among the new features of this version 6, the LoriotPro Extended Edition has a new mechanism for creating your own dynamic web pages with the language LUA. As a reminder, the language LUA is an interpreted scripting language that is integrated (embedded) in LoriotPro. Its integration provides very fast native treatments without the slowness of interpreted languages.
As example, in a simple LUA script, you can: collect SNMP information about the running condition of your servers, alert the administrator on default and publish the result on the  web. This can be done in few lines of LUA code, thanks to the hundreds of powerful functions provided by LoriotPro.

Until now, the web interface offered by LoriotPro could not be modified or creating new pages was difficult. With the support of LUA directly through our Web server you can now write your own web interface with access to all the network management information collected by LoriotPro and with  SNMP. Furthermore, the integrated LUA script development environment built into LoriotPro helps you to write and debug your scripts directly in their context.

To resume,  LoriotPro is a feature-rich  solution that includes development tools required to create Windows and Web application dedicated to monitoring and automation of process in  network and systems environment.

Paris, France, June 2008

We are proud to announce the availability of our new LoriotPro software Version 5. After months of developments this new release of our Monitoring and auditing Software provides great enhancements and features that rocket our solution in a new dimension.

LoriotPro Version 5 has been designed for Microsoft Windows Vista and XP. The internal design has been greatly enhanced for managing a greater number of simultaneous processes. LoriotPro is now comparable to an operating system dedicated to information system monitoring and auditing.  

With the features added to the Extended Edition of LoriotPro, our customers have in a single package a complete development software platform and a powerful graphical network and system management solution. LoriotPro Extended Edition with its underground concept is unique on the market and cannot be compared to anything else. The versatility brought by the integrated scripting language allows the fast development of dreamt solution that can cover almost any monitoring and management problems.

With version 5, we still keep the 4 Editions available (FREE, LITE, STANDARD and EXTENDED). In evaluation mode when installing LoriotPro V5 you can now choose which Edition you want to try. If a license is purchased, the installation of a licensed key will move your evaluation software in a ready to work software.

Discover the new features of LoriotPro V5

In all editions:

Full support of Windows Vista 32 bits, with new dashboard for each host providing the major useful information like ping response time, availability, cpu, and disk load, etc.

Advanced network and host discovering methods based on SNMP and IP scan. The IP expert module discovers the hosts and their network applications (using TCP ports).

Your network applications and servers can be monitored from the Loriotpro directory.  This new feature  (plug-in fo LoriotPro) performs network access to  your applications (tcp connection), check their availability and warn you if one is not responding.

Syslog server embedded in LoriotPro with advanced filtering option. The features available in the Syslog Collector Software are now available in LoriotPro. You can still use both simultaneously and use LoriotPro to manage your Syslog Collector agents.

Events can be acknowledged automatically when working in pairs (UP/DOWN) with the event correlation module LoriotPro service Plug-in.

In Extended Edition only :

In Extended Edition, the IP Expert module also uses discover strategies base on LUA scripting. Strategies are provided and you can extend them by writing your own script. Auditing and auto configuration can be performed by scripting too.

Trap filter can add script in execution queue.  You can now trigger a LUA script when receiving a snmp trap.

A powerful extension to LUA Scripting language that extend LoriotPro. The Extended Edition provides you a total control over network and system management with hundred of dedicated embedded monitoring LUA functions. Your dedicated programs can be launched from any host or from Active View and perform resource monitoring, auditing, reporting. A development environment with a LUA script editor allows you to create your scripts and test them immediately. 

Create trend graphs with RRD Collector and RRD Manager a Microsoft Windows RRD front end. The main goal of the RRD collector is the creation of time graph that display the trend over time of one or more values. A time graph displays on the x axis the time and on the y axis the values of the variables. The variable values are collected by LoriotPro (SNMP object, round trip time values results of ping request or LUA script returned values).

Quality of Service Report generation with the new SLA Report Center plugin. LoriotPro can produce analysis reports on the service quality (QOS) on the criteria of availability and performance of the services provided by the information system.  The services mentioned here are any networks and systems services, middleware services (base data, DNS, Directory, etc…) and end user applications.

LoriotPro console access control. The LoriotPro console can be locked to restrict access to a simple user with a very simple interface. For example a LoriotPro user can have access to a single Active View with not editing permission.

The new service plug-in text to speech player converts any text event message into a voice message. This plug-in use the Microsoft Text to speech standard and voice form different language can be added. 

The SNMP table auditor plug-in provides an innovative tabular view for monitoring and finding network troubles and network usage trend of a huge number of SNMP objects located in a SNMP table or in predefined list of SNMP object.

We are confident that this new LoriotPro version 5 will enthusiasm you customers.

Among the good news, product prices have not changed.

Paris, France, March 2006

LoriotPro is now available in 4 editions.

The free edition is a full graphical snmp manager , ideal solution for discovering the basics of network monitoring and system management in snmp.

The lite edition is dedicated to small to medium sized companies that want to acquire a real management framework at a very affordable price. This solution can easily be upgraded to the higher edition.

The standard edition is the historical LoriotPro product with 5 years of improvement; it provides a powerful management framework and monitoring solution for all-size companies and organizations including network operator and NOC.

The extended edition of LoriotPro is intended to companies with complex needs in network and system management. The embedded scripting language based on LUA allows them to develop proprietary snmp management tasks and dynamic map design by using the advanced programming functions.

LoriotPro has a Windows based user interface but can manage and monitor heterogeneous environment, thanks to the snmp standard, including network devices like ethernet switches, wan routers, ups, intermediate systems with servers and middleware up to the higher application layers, databases and web servers.
Paris, France, September 2005

Luteus today introduced the version 4 SE of its LoriotPro software. The SE stands for The Standard Edition and is the evolution of the LoriotPro V3. LoriotPro V4 SE software includes many new features that extend its capabilities. The Standard edition software is always intended for medium and large enterprises, the upcoming Extending Edition will be intended to companies with requirement of Service Level Agreement.
LoriotPro V4 has a completely new look and feel, designed for being more ergonomic and intuitive. This new GUI interface allows you to better use multi screen platform and have a big view on your network and systems.
Among the new functionalities LoriotPro V4 SE offers a new initial network discovering process, an advanced event and trap control, support of hosts with dynamic address, powerful MIB tree function, a Trap simulator….

Paris, France, September 2004

The last update package of LoriotPro version 3 is available. This new update provides new features, new Plug-in and several fixes.

The Trend View Plug-in extends the capabilities of the existing MRTG graph function. The Trend View Plug-in is a complete MRTG Front End. The goal of this application is to display the trends of two counters, like the CPU usage, Network usage, memory usage etc. Trends are displayed in four graphs. The daily, weekly, monthly and yearly graphs display the trend the two variables for the last day, week, month and year. Numerous options are settable, color, size, scale, etc allowing a full customization of your report.

The Trap Simulator Plug-in allows you to locally generate Traps that are available in the compiled MIB. This is very useful for setting your Trap filters and to verify that the actions are properly executed.

Among the new features:

Events and SNMP Trap received can be acknowledges individually. A double click on an Event or a Trap displays detailed information including the Trap MIB description.

Predefined object in SNMP Table can be browsed in the Active View properties.
You can now search for an object in the MIB tree located under the selected branch.

If you have not yet install LoriotPro, download it and install it, you will not regret !

If you already are a user of LoriotPro download the update only and install it over your LoriotPro.

Paris, France, 5/3/2004

LUTEUS is proud to announce the new LoriotPro version 3. This major evolution includes a lot of new functionalities that will bring you more manageability and control on your Information System and increase your efficiency in your daily tasks.

The supervision and the administration of the physical and virtual entities composing the Information System are now really interactive with our new concept of ACTIVE VIEW.
An Active View is a visual representation of the entities or objects manipulated and supervised by the LoriotPro console. Each entity, from the smallest one (a device port for example) to the biggest one (a country map) is dynamic and reflects by color, its operational status, its availability or a performance level.
An editor allows you to built your own Active View and thus to create multiple visual representation of your sensitive resources. The less status change in one of your resource could be immediately detected and displayed on the View, triggering other actions like Alarm or E-mail. Each object on the View could has its own user defined contextual menu allowing direct access to associated management tools, diagnose programs or other LoriotPro Plug-in.
The Active View is vector based graphics and could be displayed at various scales. Simple or complex graphical objects are supported and also the import of graphics from other drawing software likes Micosoft Visio or Adobe Illustrator. A ClipArt library is provided for a fast design of your own Views. You could also extend the library with your own ClipArt if they follow the Microsoft WMF – EMF standard. The creation of templates allows you to apply to complex device representation having the same configuration and behaviour, a predefined Active View, avoiding the fastidious design of similar Views.

LoriotPro V3 supplies numerous WIZARD or assistants that help you to choose the right parameter during configuration process. Difficult or fastidious tasks like Polling interval selection, Host selection, SNMP OID selection, Event number selection become easy with the WIZARDs. For example, one of the most frequent and repetitive task during configuration phase, the selection of an OID and its index, is totally assisted avoiding error configuration.

LoriotPro is provided with a complete electronic documentation of more than 1000 sheets, directly accessible from the application. HowTo are also available on the web site for helping you to configure third products and to integrate LoriotPro in your environment.

Among the new functionalities provided, LoriotPro is now capable of running as a Windows Service under 200/XP. The automatic start-up of the software is thus guarantied avoiding to the administrator a logging sequence. A modified strategy for the configuration file allows a simple backup. A watchdog module controls the state of LoriotPro process and service and restarts the product if one of them fails to respond. With these features, the LoriotPro application itself is always available for supervising.

The Host property configuration dialog interface is new and natively provides the current polling success and response time. The Polling process could be individually stopped for each host during maintenance period, avoiding not justified alarms in the event manager.

The WEB remote console has a totally new interface. A rich visual interface, more users friendly, is now available. The availability and the response time of each host collected by the Polling process are displayed among numerous other status indicators. Direct filter buttons allows you to see in one click all host having the same status. The WEB console access control is now based on user authentication and level. Each branch and object of the directory tree can be distinctively hided to the remote view of a user. Global information, Maps, logs, traps, report can also be hided based on a user level.

The MIB Compiler is now able to manage multiple data base allowing you to change your working environment. Very useful feature if you use LoriotPro software in nomad mode or for auditing.

New Plug-in …

The Spanning Tree Plug-in is always provided and now supports the CISCO multi instance bridging (VLAN). With this function you can have distinct MAP representing your spanning tree architecture for each VLAN of your switched environment. The MAP are also visible from the WEB remote console.

A powerful Plug-in calculates call durations and provides statistic information on ISDN communication calls between sites or globally. The raw statistics are collected by the Plug-in Cisco Call History already available in LoriotPro version 2. The rapprochement between the generated report and the Telco Operator billing provides you with a better understanding of your communication costs.

The supervision of processes on Unix or Windows System is now possible with our PROCESS SURVEYOR Plug-in. Events and actions can be triggered each time a process appears, disappears, or when its current status change.

Paris, France, 7/8/2003 – The online payment is now possible on our web site. Eurocard MasterCard and visa card are supported. Don't wait longer to have an unlimitted working version of LoriotPro or of our new product Syslog Collector. Pay online and you will receive your keys directly by mail.

Our system take in account the VAT number for European Community customers. Before filling our form be sure to have this number and the VAT will not be charge.

Paris, France, 1/6/2003 – LUTEUS releases an innovative product for managing SYSLOG messages in distributed Information System architectures.
Originally, the Syslog server included in LORIOTPRO was not designed to sustain a high incoming Syslog flow of messages.
This time is over with our SYSLOG COLLECTOR solution. This Program is intended to collect huge amount of Syslog messages even in WAN network architecture where bandwidth is a matter of concern. It will be very efficient in routing or security environment where logging is necessary. For example, in firewall architecture based on PIX from Cisco, tracing the flow generates a huge quantity of Syslog messages. Our solution could handle it and manage this flow according to predefined policy.
Syslog Collector concept is based on three components: Syslog collector Agents, Syslog Collector manager and a LoriotPro system.
The agents are responsible of filtering Syslog messages and of taking actions on specified conditions. Actions are either to archive them on local files, to forward them as events messages to the LoriotPro console or to forward them as Syslog messages to another Syslog server

The Syslog Collector Manager is a program running on top of LoriotPro (Plug-in).It is used to define filter lists and to download them onto the agents. All communications between agents and manager are secured by authentication. The upload of logging file stored on the agent to the manager could be performed in a compressed mode, sparing bandwidth of slow WAN link. Naturally, agents have to be judiciously disseminated in the network architecture regarding the network topology and close to the devices generating Syslog Messages. Associated to the agent and to the LoriotPro Console, a browser helps the administrator to easily find specific messages in multiple huge log files by setting filtering conditions. Like LoriotPro, the Sylog Collector agent and manager are fully graphical and run under Microsoft Windows. Each agent should have a valid unique license key to work. Licenses are sold 250 Euros each.

For more information read this Datasheet or the On-Line documentation

You could download product and documentation here:

Paris, France, 27/1/2003 – New LoriotPro Plugins are available at These Plugins add several advanced features to your preferred SNMP supervisor.

Among these new Plugin you will find:

The Trace Route Discover Plugin that displays a table view and a concentric graphical view of the router hops between LoriotPro and an IP address with frequently refreshed Round Trip Time statistics.

The Bulk Threshold Control Plugin that gives you the possibility of setting hundreds of thresholds on SNMP objects in few clicks. Administrators do not longer have to set one by one the thresholds on the sensitive indicators of their Network or Information system.

The Bulk TCP Poller allows you to monitor network application (TCP ports) availaibility. This Plugin perform this test for you at regular intervals and sends an alarm if a wrong Statut is dedected. The power of this Plugin allows you to monitor hundreds of Hosts and for each of them, hundreds of TCP ports (applications) with various alarm severity.This Plugin could also be useful to check the permissiveness or laxisme of a Firewall and to warns you if a security breach is opened.

The Spanning Tree Bridge Map Plugin is a complex and powerful add-on program that displays on a graphical map the current status of spanning tree bridges or switches. A really useful software for managing spanning tree architectures where availability and redundancy are key points.

The Cisco Config Surveyor Plugin keeps and eye for you on the configuration of your Cisco Devices by checking their current configuration. The Plugin notifies you when changes occurs and performs automatic backup for you.

The Interface Monitor Plugin displays in one screen the most important statistics of a network Interface. The inbound and outbound percentage of load are displayed on a line graph, peak values are memorized. A threshold could be set on this percentage of load and send alarm when reached.

The Node To Node Path Trace Plugin displays on the InterNetwork graphical map the path between two IP nodes. When you have mesh network with multiple paths this Plugin is a great help to understand how routing is performed and to find errors in routing tables and router configurations.

The MIB Object Descriptions gives you formatted information on MIB objets.

You could download them all together from our download page.

Before using them, you need to install first the last LoriotPro patch (…) available at: Patches_and_Updates_EN.htm

PARIS, FRANCE 18/11/2002 - LUTEUS is proud to announced the release 2.0 of LoriotPro, the latest and most advanced version of this Information System and Network SNMP manager. This version based on the freeware Loriot has been enhanced with much functionality, is now faster and easier to use than ever, allowing IS administrators to save time and provide to their end-user availability and performance. LUTEUS has the goal of providing compelling alternative for organizations becoming frustrated with our major concurrent market products.

Pricing and Availability: LoriotPro is available now and can be download from this site, the evaluation period is limited to one month. Purchased is possible on this same site. A LoriotPro license with no time restriction is sold priced at 1000 Euros.

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