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Directory Service Helps you to manage and order your devices in the way you want. Shows devices as icons and displays in real time their current operating status. Entry point for ressource inventory with advanced search capabilities and html reporting.
Fault Management

Collects, stores and presents alarm information for reporting. Can trigger actions, alarms, E-mail, process..., based on advanced filtering conditions. Supports Syslog and Trap event messages.

Display in one click the health of a portion of your network.

Configuration Management Allows remote configuration of any IP device through their MIB and the SNMP SET command.
Topology Draws a map with devices (IP nodes) and dynamically displays their operating status. Displays huge Networks on a condensed Map.
Auto Discovery Discovers network nodes and adds them to the Directory and the Map. In depth configuration of this module provides a total control of the discovery process.
Web Enabled Supports thin client Web access, allowing network to be monitored from any location.
Protocol Support Supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), syslog, ICMP.
MIB Management MIB browser and compiler, generation of report in html format. MIB scripter create SCI files that automates any set of SNMP requests.
Detect device MIB Support Detect what MIB are supported by a device, provide the MIB file reference.
Scripting language Provides a scripting language that automates the generation of report in html format.
IP Scanner Scans range of IP addresses and detects presence of hosts and SNMP agents.
Database Interface ODBC interface provides a way of storing events and more. Examples with MYSQL database described.
Customizable GUI Toolbars and menus could be customized, proprietary Skins could be set
Plugin Technology

Plugin within LoriotPro are dedicated tasks that perfom SNMP data processing for a specified host or a group of hosts. Numerous Plugin are provided by default but this technology is also opened and allows you to developp additionnal modules that manage your specific needs. Wizard tools are provided for Visual C++ and nultiple examples provided with their source code.

Online Help Provides access to extensive online documentation.