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Plug-in Management Tools
Plug-in Concepts
Plug-in Types
Direct Plug-in
Active View Box
LoriotPro Style Graph
MRTG Style Graphic
Directory Plug-in

Advanced TCP Audit polling (Monitor server applications - TCP, collecte SLA value)

Bulk Threshold Control (Monitor snmp values adn trigger alarms on threshold)

Bulk TCP Polling (Monitor server application and trigger alarms on threshold)

Cisco ISDN Call History  (Collecte history of ISDN data and voice calls on Cisco device)

Cisco Configuration Surveyor (Monitor changes on Cisco devices with IOS)

Cisco Config

Network Interface Monitor (Monitor network interface load)

Process Surveyor (Monitor processus on Windows, Linuw, Unix)

SLA Report Center (Display quality of service -availability and performance - SLA)

Spanning Tree Monitor (Display graphical view of the spanning tree of ethernet switches and bridges in 802.1d)

SNMP Table Auditor (Display snmp counter trends of snmp tables)

Trend View (Display MRTG graphic of any peer of snmp value)

Service Plug-in

Advanced Trace Route (Graphical trace route whith trend information)

Cisco ISDN call statistics (Display statistics on ISDN data and voice calls duration)

Dynamic DNS To IP (Manage host with dynamic IP address)

Email event scheduler (Send mail generated by event and trap filters)

Event Correlator (Correlate LoriotPro proprietary events)

Event Trap Script Queue Manager (Manage script processing in queue)

HTTP ISA Server (WEB server for remote access to LoriotPro console)

Inter Network Path (Perform calculation on IP routing)

MIB Object Description (Display MIB object information)

Netbios Name Resolver (Perform Netbios Name resolution)

Netflow Collector (Collecte Netflow information and store it in SQL database)

RRD Manager (Manager of RRD graphics and RRD database)

SNMP OID Cache (Mange and display MIB object Cache)

Statistic Dashboard (Display information on SNMP traffic generated by LoriotPro)

Syslog Collector Manager  (Manage Syslog Collector agent policy and logs)

Text To Speech (Convert event text message in voice)

Trap Simulator (Generate fake trap for filter testing)

Transparent Window Manager (Manager of transparent window)

User Task (Manage user access control to LoriotPro console)