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LoriotPro Service Plugin


Service Plugin are programs loaded when needed to perform a specific task, mainly server funtions.

Additional Services Plugin are loaded in complement of the LoriotPro resources and default services. They are not linked to Directory objects like other Plugin. They are used to provide extended services to LoriotPro such as could be other Windows application services.

They are linked to the LoriotPro kernel therefore have no places in the Directory but in a dedicated tree, the Service Tree. When you load a new Directory (A set of objects and a working environment) all current objects are removed but the service Plugin stay active.

Figure 12 : Arbre des plugins de services

The service tree and its options are described in other chapters of the manual. The WEB  server has been presented in a previous paragraph thus we describe hereafter only the functions and parameters of the Plugin.

Few examples of this Plugin types are provided by default, source codes are within the SDK.