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Building a Network View

When a device view is built, it is possible to create a larger view with all the devices. To realize such view open a new view with the Active View Editor or by attaching an Active View to a host in the directory.

Open the View where you have create the device, select all the elements of the device with a mouse selection. From the menu select Edit option Copy.

In the example below we select the Riverstone 3000 router and all its components (daughterboards and interfaces)

Switch to the empty Active View and from the menu Edit select Paste.

Repeat this action in the View to duplicate the device. When there are all created we could add symbolic clouds to create the physical link. Finally we add the connector object between each router connector and their associated cloud. The connector object is displayed by default behind both edge objects. Use the layer action buttons to change the object relative position. In the below example, the connector object is in front of the router but behind the cloud.

When finish, each object (router, interface, link and cloud) could be configure to be dynamic.



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