What is a LoriotPro Plug-in ?

A Plugin is a separate code module that behaves as though it is part of the LoriotPro software. Plugin is used to perform MIB object values acquisition via SNMP on a Host or a group of host, to process them, to display them in various ways and eventually to generate alarms.

There are three types of Plugin:

Direct Plugin : Used for processing the data of a specific Directory Object. Direct plug-ins are started one by one and work independently. They are used to perform one SNMP request or a set. These plug-ins have the file extension <.lp>.
Directory Plugin : Allows you to associate an application to a Directory host. These plug-ins are loaded and saved within the Directory. They allow you to perform scheduled tasks or repetitive tasks (graphics, polling, etc.). These plug-ins extend the capacity of LoriotPro by creating an Active Directory. These plug-ins have the file extension <.slp>.
Service Plugin : The Service Plugin are loaded in complement of the LoriotPro services. They are not linked to a host or to any object of the Directory. They are used to extend the global features of LoriotPro.

You can use the SDK to create Plugin that extend LoriotPro with a wide range of proprietary and adapted capabilities.

Plug-in that have passed our test bench are certified by our logo :