Technical product training courses are possible at our Headquarter with a variety of clients in attendance, or dedicated to your company's attendees at our facilities or at a location of your choice.

We could organize training session on demand and define with you the goal and contains of it. Feel free to contact us with your need at

Network managers, system administrators and support staff
VAR resellers, OEM resellers.

Knowledge in TCP/IP environment, Windows, Unix, Routers, Switches

The trainees will gain an understanding of the Network management concepts with SNMP .
The trainees will gain control of the LoriotPro product.
The trainees will gain understanding of management tasks.

Three day training agenda

Day 1
Company presentation and products catalog 1 hour
SNMP concepts 2 hours
Product installation, licence management 1 hour
Discovering User Interface 1 hour
Using the discover process 1 hour
Understanding the Polling process 1 hour
LoriotPro Directory 1 hour

Day 2
Router management 1 hour
Service management 1 hours
IP networks graphical MAP 1 hour
Linear and Gauge Graph 1 hour
Event Management and filtering 2 hours
MIB tree and MIB Compilation 1 hour
WEB access and User right Management 1 hour

Day 3  
Creating Active View 2 hours
Using active View 2 hours
Database connection 1 hour
Plug-in 2 hours

Instructor Language : English
Documentation Language : English
Product language : English

Equipment requirement :
The classroom setup for this course requires an Ethernet Local Area Network (100 Mbps switch) one PC per attendee, one Video projector.
As much as possible SNMP aware devices, Routers, Switches, Unix System (LINUX), Windows systems ….or access to a SNMP live networks.

Ideal conditions are no more than 6 to 8 attendees.